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DateTracksLabel and Cat. No., Country
03/1987Panic (extended remix)/All My LifePolydor 885 683-2, Germany
02/1990Cheap The Bullet/Shadows On The Sky/Alone In The Night(live)/Hold On†Polydor PZCD 67, UK
02/1990Welcome To The Show/If Love Is King/Alone In The Night†/Hold On†Polydor PZCD 69, Germany
05/1990Halfway To Freedom/African†/He Said Love†/Shadows On The SkyPolydor 877 255-2, Germany
09/1990John Lennon's Guitar/The Life You Lead/Medicine Man†/Turn The Key†Polydor 877 877-2, Germany
04/1992THE BOLLAND PROJECT: Stand Up/Is It Really True/Stand Up (Power Version)Dino 9070 352, Germany, Netherlands
05/1992Stand Up/John Lennon's Guitar*/Play To the World*/Stand Up(extended)Polydor PZCD 208, UK
05/1992Stand Up/Alone In the Night*/Life Is For Living*/Poor Man's Moody Blues* (shaped pack)Polydor PZCDB 208, UK

† Live version from Glasnost
* Live tracks taken from the Best Of BJH Live video, recorded in London, 1992

Promotional CD Releases and CDRs

DateLabel and Cat. No., Country
??/198?The Compact Story Of BJH [promo CD with Rock magazine]Polydor RCD071-2 [513 465-2],
02/1990Welcome To The Show 4-track CD sampler [in case with colour insert]
[Cheap The Bullet/Lady Macbeth/The Life You Lead/Halfway To Freedom (early mix)]
Polydor BJHCD 1, UK
1993Who Do We Think We Are (edit)/Forever Yesterday (full version)/Cold WarPolydor BJHDJ 1, Germany
1997River Of Dreams [full album in CD-single case, printed inlay]Polydor 537 576-2, Germany
1997River Of Dreams (edit) [1-track promo-only CD single]Polydor BARCLAY [50657362 02],
1997Back In The Game (edit) [1-track promo-only CD single]Polydor BACKPROMO [50681327 01],
02/1999BJHTTEOJL - Nexus [CDR of album in CD single box with colour insert]Masterpiece Mastering 74 PM 6034, UK
11/1999The Origin Of Pieces CD [fan club-only Christmas CD of unreleased versions]
[Brave New World (1971); Star Bright (1983); Star Bright Instrumental (1999)]
Swallowtail SWALLOW 3, UK
Origin Of Pieces fan club CD
11/2000Strangely Mixed CD [fan club-only Christmas CD of unreleased versions]
[American Excess (live 1982); Untitled (demo); Poor Man's Moody Blues (live 1999)]
Swallowtail SWALLOW 4, UK
Strangely Mixed fan club CD
11/2001Au Naturel CD [fan club-only Christmas CD of unreleased versions]
[Child Of The Universe; In Search Of England; Panic; Cheap The Bullet (live 2000)]
Swallowtail SWALLOW 5, UK
Au Naturel fan club CD
04/2001Mocking Bird - The Best Of [17-track CDR of album]Harvest, UK
04/2002Barclay James Harvest - Various [10-track sampler CDR from EMI remasters]
[Taking Some Time On; Mother Dear; She Said; Mockingbird; Medicine Man; Ursula; Crazy (Over You); One Hundred Smiles Out (sic); Mocking Bird (live); Summer Soldier (live)]
EMI/Harvest, 10th Planet, UK
EMI Various promo CDR
04/2002Once Again [CDR of remastered album]EMI/Harvest, 10th Planet, UK
04/2002Barclay James Harvest and other short stories [CDR of remastered album]EMI/Harvest, 10th Planet, UK
04/2002Baby James Harvest [CDR of remastered album]EMI/Harvest, 10th Planet, UK
04/2002BBC In Concert 1972 [Double CDR of remastered album]EMI/Harvest, 10th Planet, UK
06/2003Everyone Is Everybody Else [CDR of remastered album]Universal/Polydor, UK
Polydor promo CDR cover
06/2003Time Honoured Ghosts [CDR of remastered album]Universal/Polydor, UK
06/2003Octoberon [CDR of remastered album]Universal/Polydor, UK
06/2003Gone To Earth [CDR of remastered album]Universal/Polydor, UK
06/2003XII [CDR of remastered album]Universal/Polydor, UK
12/2005All Is Safely Gathered In [5 CDRs of box set discs]Eclectic, UK
All Is Safely Gathered In promo CD covers
12/2005Highlights of All Is Safely Gathered In [2CD compilation from box set]
[CD A: Early Morning; Brother Thrush; Taking Some Time On; She Said; Song For Dying; Galadriel; Mockingbird; Too Much On Your Plate; The Poet; After The Day; Medicine Man (single version); Crazy City; Child Of The Universe; The Great 1974 Mining Disaster (original mix); In My Life; Jonathan

CD B: Rock 'N' Roll Star; Hymn (single edit); Poor Man's Moody Blues; Sea Of Tranquility; Berlin; The Song (They Love To Sing); Nova Lepidoptera (live); Ring Of Changes (single mix); Lady Macbeth; Cheap The Bullet; Children Of The Disappeared; Ursula (The Swansea Song) (demo version); Moonwater (demo); The World Goes On (live); Capricorn (single edit)]

Eclectic, UK
10/2006Live Tapes [2 CDRs of remastered album, colour inlay]Eclectic, UK
10/2006Eyes Of The Universe [CDR of remastered album, colour inlay]Eclectic, UK
10/2006A Concert For The People - Berlin [CDR of remastered album, colour inlay]Eclectic, UK
10/2006Face To Face [CDR of remastered album, colour inlay]Eclectic, UK
10/2006Welcome To The Show [CDR of remastered album, colour inlay]Eclectic, UK
07/2010Taking Some Time On, The Parlophone/Harvest Years [5CDR set]EMI/Harvest, UK

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