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DateTracksLabelCat. No., Country
1990Live In London 1974 [bootleg of BBC 1974 In Concert]SGRSSGRS 005, Luxembourg/Italy
Live In London 1974 cover
1990Welcome To The Show [abbreviated booklet]Unison/Polydor????, Bulgaria
19??Greatest Hits/Best Of????KJF-31-867, CDP 746433 2, Hungary?
19??Greatest Hits/Best Of [different cover]????3352-97740-2, Hungary?
Greatest Hits coverGreatest Hits second cover
2002?The Very Best????BJH-210197, KJF-31-867
The Very Best cover The Very Best alternative cover

[Tracks as Greatest Hits above - German Polystar "Best Of" minus "Berlin"]

2005?Negative Earth [CDR bootleg of BBC 1974 In Concert]????????
Negative Earth bootleg cover

Russian CDs

DateTitleLabelCat. No.
1998BJH/Once Again (BGO)Oldis809129
1998Other Short/Baby (One Way)Oldis809127
1998Mockingbird (Disky)Oldis809126
1998Everyone Is Everybody ElseGrammy/DoraPIVO 001
1998Time Honoured GhostsGrammy/DoraJPCD01002
2000OctoberonArs NovaAN99-0370
1998Gone To EarthAGAT/Nord Group0026 (97237 119)
2000XIIGrammyJPCD 2000316
2000Eyes Of The UniverseGrammyJPCD 2000304
2000Turn Of The TideGrammyJPCD 2000254
2001BerlinGrammyJPCD 2000325
2000Ring Of ChangesGrammyJPCD 2000253
1997Victims Of CircumstanceD MediaCDMR 2139/M3-97-462997
2001Victims Of CircumstanceGrammyJPCD 2001472
2000Face To FaceGrammy/DoraJPCD02031
2001GlasnostGrammyJPCD 2000326
1996The Best Of (Dutch version)Polydor511 932-2
1997Caught In The LightAGATNG 0061 (98015226)
1998River Of DreamsGrammyJPCD9812487
1999Barclay James Harvest Through The Eyes Of John Lees - Nexus????IR JH029943
2000John Lees - A Major FancyBJH FamilyBJHFCD 10990602
2003Caught In The Light (8-page booklet)???Matrix No. JPCD 2003061
2003Barclay James Harvest (remaster + bonus, 8pp insert)????Matrix No. JPCD 2003039
2003Once Again (remaster + bonus, 8pp insert)????Matrix No. JPCD 2003062
2003and other short stories (remaster + bonus, 8pp insert)????Matrix No. JPCD 2003059
2003Baby James Harvest (remaster + bonus, 8pp insert)????Matrix No. JPCD 2003060
2003Time Honoured Ghosts / Gone To Earth????Matrix No. JPCD 2003063
2001Barclay James Harvest (2CD set of first four albums)QGQGA 025a/b
CD cover for Russian 2CD of 1st four albums

2003History Of RockGrandGR CD - 199
History of Rock CD cover

Hymn; Child Of The Universe; Victims Of Circumstance; Poor Man's Moody Blues; Mockingbird; Ring Of Changes; Titles; Welcome To The Show; Kiev; Cheap The Bullet; Rock 'N' Roll Star; Love On The Line

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