BJH Concert Listings

Concert Listings

[For future concerts, see John Lees' Barclay James Harvest concert listings and Barclay James Harvest featuring Les Holroyd concert listings].


LIVE SETS included:

Original songs:
Early Morning; Mr.Sunshine; For The Loving Of; Icy Kaleidoscope; Death Of A City; Words And The Way; Up With The Sun; Sarah; State Of Mind; So Tomorrow; Call My Name; Looking For The Sun; Small Time Town; Pools Of Blue; Dark Now My Sky; 13th Day; Someday; I Can't Go On Without You; Summertime Love; The Sailor; Night; Poor Wages; Need You Oh So Bad; Eden Unobtainable; White Sails; Brother Thrush; Mother Dear; Too Far Away; The Sun, Yourself Or Me; Taking Some Time On; The Iron Maiden; She's So Fine; The Sun Will Never Shine; Good Love Child; Cream In My Coffee; The Poet; Too Much On Your Plate (It's Hard When Life Won't Do); Elephant Song; Mockingbird.

Plus covers including:
She Said She Said; Yesterday (The Beatles); Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell); A House Is Not A Motel; Old Man; Andmoreagain (Love); Reason To Believe; The Lady Came From Baltimore; Black Sheep Boy (Tim Hardin); Need Your Love So Bad (Fleetwood Mac); My Back Pages (The Byrds/Bob Dylan); Painting Box (The Incredible String Band); The Sound Of Silence; Dangling Conversation; Fakin' It (Paul Simon); Tuesday Afternoon; Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues)

DateTown and VenueRemarks
??.??.67Manchester, Middleton Baths1st public gig
31.01.68Manchester University UnionPaid £15.00
04.02.68Manchester Mister Smith's
14.02.68Middleton Baths
15.02.68Sybillas, London
17.02.68Lancaster University
24.02.68Salford University
25.04.68Lancaster University Concourse
27.04.68Manchester University Union
21.05.68Loughborough University Concourse
22.05.68Liverpool University Concourse
27.06.68Huddersfield Tech.
26.07.68Manchester Free Trade HallTim Hardin with BJH as backing band?
13.09.68Chalk Farm Roundhouse???? The Small Faces + The Action + BJH
28.09.68Manchester Union
04.10.68Manchester College Of Commerce
11.10.68Birmingham Mothers
03.11.68Private party
07.11.68London All Saints (Porchester Hall, Bayswater)Pink Floyd + BJH + Edgar Broughton Band
08.11.68Surrey University
09.11.68London University College
10.11.68Guildford Civic Hall Concourse
15.11.68Manchester College Of Commerce
22.11.68Leicester University
23.11.68Manchester UMIST
26.11.68Manchester De La Salle College, Middleton????
29.11.68Loughborough University ConcourseChampion Jack Dupree + BJH etc., 7/6d
06.12.68Southampton University
07.12.68London Imperial College (early evening)
07.12.68Chalk Farm Roundhouse, Middle Earth (late night)Gun + BJH, Arcadium, Marie Rice, John Thomas Blues Band, Explosive Spectrum, met Robert Godfrey, paid £25.00
13.12.68Weybridge Brooklands Tech.
14.12.68Luton University????
16.12.68Leeds College Of Art
08.02.69University College London, Gower Street
14.02.69University Of SurreyBJH + Junior's Eyes etc., 10/-
14.03.69Manchester College Of Commerce5/6d
15.03.69Chelsea College Of Science And TechnologyThe Pretty Things + BJH
15.03.69Ladbroke Grove Royalty TheatreFairport Convention + BJH, all-nighter
14.06.69Hyde Park????Free concert: The Move, The Action, BJH etc.
20.06.69"Brother Thrush" released
20.06.69Liverpool Rathbone Hall
21.06.69Bletchley, Clouds CircusBlossom Toes + BJH etc
29.06.69Manchester Houldsworth Hall, DeansgateEdgar Broughton Band, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, BJH, Greasy Bear, John Peel, Catalyst [benefit for Grass Eye underground magazine]
10.07.69Scarborough Penthouse
13.07.69Ciney, Belgium, International Pop Show
04.08.69Bristol Granary Club
08.08.69Plymouth Van Dyke ClubGross receipts £20.1/6d
23.08.69Humberside Pop Festival, Hull East ParkFree concert
28.08.69London Revolution Club
29.08.69London Speakeasy Club
31.10.69Sunderland LocarnoSavoy Brown + BJH
01.11.69Chelsea College Of TechnologyEdgar Broughton Band + BJH, 6/-
1969 Chelsea College ticket
05.12.69Newcastle Polytechnic Ellison Building BJH + Ginhouse, admission 7/6, 10/-
09.12.69Wolverhampton Civic HallGeorgie Fame, Family, BJH
18.12.69Deurne, Belgium, Salle ArenaColosseum, Ferré Grignard, Pebbles, BJH
??.12.69Uppermill Civic HallCharity gig, raised £12.00 for old people in Diggle
08.11.69 to 26.01.70 - recording sessions for debut album at Abbey Road


Shostakovitch Festival Overture, Op.96 (orchestra only); Mocking Bird; White Sails; Galadriel; Wandering; Too Much On Your Plate; She Said; Taking Some Time On; Mother Dear; The Sun Will Never Shine; The Iron Maiden; Dark Now My Sky
DateTown and VenueRemarks
01.01.70London Speakeasy
??.??.70Londerzeel, Belgium, Salle Egmont(possibly 1969)
30.01.70Blackpool?? Casino Pleasure BeachSpirit + BJH
31.01.70London, University College, Gower Street
{07.02.70Edinburgh Usher HallLed Zeppelin + BJH, top price 22/-, postponed to 17th February after Jimmy Page involved in car crash}
Led Zeppelin supported by BJH, Edinburgh Usher Hall ticket
17.02.70Edinburgh Usher HallLed Zeppelin + BJH
03.04.70Köln Sporthalle Progressive Pop Festival03/04 April: Deep Purple, Kinks, Procol Harum, Nice etc.
27.04.70Stockport, Poco a Poco [Stockport Schools Union gig]BJH + David Bowie & Hype + High Tide + The Purple Gang
{05.06.70Buxton Festival 'Until Tomorrow'BJH billed but didn't appear}
28.06.70Manchester Free Trade HallWith orchestra, tickets 17/-, 14/-, 11/- & 8/6d
03.07.70London Royal Albert HallWith orchestra
{04.07.70Salford Buile Hill ParkFree open-air, cancelled by local council
17.07.70Birmingham Town HallWith orchestra, 20/- to 6/-
23.07.70Edinburgh Usher HallWith orchestra
??.??.70Preston Blues Club [Amethyst?]Admission 6/-
04.09.70Alsager College
11.09.70Uppermill Civic HallBenefit for Diggle Old People's Welfare Committee
12.09.70Blackpool Odeon Cinema Quintessence + BJH + Quatermass, midnight concert
1970 Blackpool Odeon Flyer
22.09.70Liverpool Philharmonic HallBJH + Steamhammer + Kevin Ayers
23.09.70Newcastle City HallSteamhammer + Ginhouse + BJH, 10/-
25.09.70Salford Technical College
27.09.70Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Hotel+ Uriah Heep
28.09.70Sheffield City Hall
16.10.70Oldhill nr. Birmingham, Downstairs Club+ Shape Of The Rain
20.10.70London Revolution Club
22.10.70Weston-super-Mare Winter Gardens+ Stackridge + Maya
29.10.70London Marquee Club+ Duster Bennett
30.10.70Northampton Nag's Head
31.10.70London, The Temple, Wardour Street
01.11.70Epping, The Wake Arms
02.11.70Letchworth Hebdomadal Club
16.11.70Bradford St. George's HallLifetime (Jack Bruce) + BJH, part of Bradford Festival
Bradford St. George's Hall, 16th November, 1970, courtesy Gordon Hodgson
18.11.70Wolverhampton, "Bubble" at Club LafayetteBJH + Travelling Red Wing
04.12.70Brighton Polytechnic
10.12.70Blackpool Locarno MeccaBJH + Wishbone Ash, Writing On The Wall etc.
12.12.70Wolverhampton Polytechnic
18.12.70Basildon Arts CentreBJH + Wildmouth, 10/-
23.12.70Tooting Broadway, The Castle
BJH were supported by Genesis for at least one gig in 1970 ...


LIVE SET included:
Handel's Water Music (orchestra only); Mocking Bird; Song For Dying; Ball And Chain; Lady Loves; Happy Old World; Galadriel; Medicine Man; Someone There You Know; She Said; The Poet; After The Day; Dark Now My Sky
DateTown and VenueRemarks
??.??.71Birmingham University SU+ Little Free Rock, between January and March 1971
30.01.71Bangor, University Of North Wales
31.01.71London LyceumArgent + Roy Young Band + Slade + BJH, 9/-
02.02.71Manchester De La Salle College, Middleton
03.02.71Keele University
04.02.71Harlow, The Birdcage8/-
05.02.71London Marquee
06.02.71Wrexham, Cartreffle College Of Education
07.02.71Stevenage, Bowes Lyon House
09.02.71Brighton, Sussex University
10.02.71Exeter University
11.02.71London Paris Theatre+ Roy Young Band, recording for John Peel's Sunday Concert
12.02.71Manchester, Didsbury College Of Education8.00 to 11.00 p.m.
12.02.71Manchester, Deansgate, Way-In12.00 midnight
13.02.71Darlington College Of Technology
15.02.71Tooting Broadway, The Castle
17.02.71Flintshire College Of Education
18.02.71Manchester, UMIST[with orchestra + Killing Floor + Good Habit]
19.02.71Maidstone College Of Art
Maidstone concert poster
20.02.71Sunderland College Of Technology
21.02.71Peterborough, Cloud Nine Club
27.02.71Halifax, Clarence's Club
05.03.71London City UniversityWith orchestra
06.03.71University Of East Anglia
08.03.71London City Polytechnic
10.03.71Warwick University
12.03.71Wimbledon, Hobbit's GardenEvening
12.03.71London The TempleAll-niter, + Nothineverappens + 9:30 Fly
13.03.71Watford Hydraspace, Kingham Hall+ Kripple Vision
16.03.71Chiswick PolytechnicArgent + BJH, Cancer Research Benefit
20.03.71Erith College Rag, N.W. Kent College, Dartford 40p/50p
25.03.71Chippenham Neeld HallBJH + Jon Hodge, 40p
31.03.71Wolverhampton, "Bubble" at Club LafayetteBJH + Gasoline, 40p (30p advance)
02.04.71London College Of FurnitureBenefit for Release, + Duster Bennett, Crystal
06.04.71Portsmouth Tricorn
08.04.71Bristol Granary ClubBJH + Birth
13.04.71Birmingham, Henry's
14.04.71Tooting Broadway, The Castle
17.04.71Newbury, South Berks CollegeHeaven + BJH
18.04.71London LyceumCaravan + BJH + Gringo
{19.04.71Preston Public HallCaravan + BJH + Gringo - BJH didn't perform due faulty PA}
20.04.71Manchester Free Trade HallCaravan + BJH + Gringo
21.04.71Bournemouth Winter Gardens      "
22.04.71Sheffield City Hall      "
23.04.71Bristol Colston Hall      "
24.04.71Guildford Civic Hall      "
01.05.71Isle of Ely College, WisbechBJH + Orpheus + S.A.S., 60p
02.05.71Bromley New Theatre
06.05.71Preston AmethystReplacement gig for 19th April
08.05.71Kingston PolytechnicBJH + Patto (latter replaced Bronco due to road accident), 40p
14.05.71Basildon Arts CentreBJH + Castle Farm, 60p
16.05.71Dunfermline Kinema BallroomAlexis Korner + BJH
22.05.71Bern Neue Eishalle AllmendBJH and Bern Symphony Orchestra + CH-All-Star-Rock-Session

She Said; Mocking Bird; Galadriel; The Sun Will Never Shine; Too Much On Your Plate; The Poet; Dark Now My Sky
05.06.71Clitheroe Festival[possibly 29.05.71?]
13.06.71Leicester De Montfort Hall
??.??.71Tunbridge Wells Assembly RoomsBJH + Comus, summer 1971
21.07.71Wolverhampton, "Bubble" at Club LafayetteBJH + Anubis
28.08.71Weeley Festival, Essex With orchestra
24.09.71High Wycombe CollegeBJH + Fusion Orchestra + Gnome Sweet Gnome
27.09.71Guildford Civic Hall
28.09.71Birmingham Digbeth Civic Hall
??.??.71Bournemouth College of TechnologyFreshers' Ball - end of September or early October
01.10.71Hastings College
08.10.71London School Of EconomicsAll-niter, Procol Harum + BJH + Spyrogyra + Heaven, £1.00
09.10.71Leicester University
13.10.71Coventry College Of EductionBJH + Pluto
15.10.71Lowestoft College
16.10.71Cardiff University
18.10.71Bolton Casino
20.10.71Wolverhampton, "Bubble" at Club Lafayette
21.10.71Manchester (Rafters?)
22.10.71Maidstone College Of ArtBJH + Danta + Comus, 50p
23.10.71Shenstone University
26.10.71Southampton University[possibly 27.10.71]
29.10.71Uxbridge, Brunel UniversityBJH + Jigsaw, 50p
30.10.71Farnborough Technical College
31.10.71Chalk Farm RoundhouseBJH + Bent Frame + Fuzzy Duck, 60p
03.11.71Norwich City College
05.11.71Nottingham Trent Polytechnic
06.11.71Kingston PolytechnicVan Der Graaf Generator + BJH, 60p
09.11.71Wood Green, London N22, Chez Club Nightingale
11.11.71London Rainbow TheatreFree concert: BJH + Climax Chicago etc
12.11.71Lytham St. Annes Lowther Pavilion
13.11.71Harlow Technical CollegeBJH + Suprimas, 45p
Harlow concert poster
19.11.71Dudley JB's
27.11.71Aylesbury Friars ClubBJH + B.B.Blunder, 60p
04.12.71Romford OdeonWith orchestra + Universe, 50p to £1.25
10.12.71Rickmansworth Grammar SchoolBJH + Ten Years of Worthing
10.12.71?Harrow Technical CollegeBJH + Supertramp
13.12.71Gravesend Civic Centre, Lords ClubBJH + Samuel Prody, 50p
14.12.71Blackburn Technical CollegeBJH + Judge
16.12.71Derby Cleopatras, Magic of Ju-Ju club nightBJH + Pugma-Ho
21.12.71Wimbledon, Hobbit's GardenBJH + Willa
??.??.71Oldham Hill Stores Ballroom


LIVE SETS included:
Handel's “Water Music" (orchestra only, conducted by Martyn Ford); She Said; Mocking Bird; Medicine Man; Moonwater; Summer Soldier; The Poet; After The Day; Galadriel; Dark Now My Sky
DateTown and VenueRemarks
07.01.72Bristol Polytechnic
08.01.72Penarth Paget Rooms+ Bell & Arc
09.01.72Hemel Hempstead Pavilion
13.01.72West Bridgford FE College, near NottinghamBJH + Thor
14.01.72Leeds Polytechnic
15.01.72Manchester University+ Mick Abrahams
21.01.72Birmingham University
22.01.72Leicester University
23.01.72Croydon Greyhound+ Skin Alley
28.01.72York University
29.01.72Sheffield University[possibly Durham University]
04.02.72Aberdeen University[possibly Newcastle City Hall]
05.02.72Edinburgh Empire
06.02.72Dunfermline Kinema Ballroom+ The Change
08.02.72Southampton University
11.02.72Salford University
12.02.72Bradford University
{13.02.72Lewisham Town HallCurtailed due power cut, rescheduled to Bromley, 8.04.72}
15.02.72Hammersmith Odeon
17.02.72Warwick University
18.02.72Chichester Festival Theatre
19.02.72London School Of Economics+ Quiver, 50p
{21.02.72Oxford Town Hall+ Skin Alley - postponed to 13.04.72}
25.02.72Huddersfield Polytechnic
26.02.72Leeds University
29.02.72Sheffield University
03.03.72North-East London Poly, Barking Main HallWith orchestra, + Sheala MacDonald, 60p
04.03.72Watford College Of Art And Technology+ Genesis, Zeus
08.03.72Wolverhampton Civic Hall
10.03.72Lowestoft College Of Art
11.03.72Liverpool University
{13.03.72Chelmsford Town Hall- postponed to 24.04.72}
16.03.72Reading Town Hall+ Linda Lewis
17.03.72London City University+ Trees (incl. Bias Boshell), 60p
18.03.72Kingston Polytechnic+ Pluto
19.03.72Croydon Greyhound+ Focus
22.03.72Guildford Civic Hall+ Matching Mole
23.03.72Newcastle City Hall+ Trees + Matthew Ellis
23.03.72?London College Of PrintingWith orchestra
24.03.72Malvern Winter Gardens+ Isengard, 70p
25.03.72Bracknell Sports Centre+ Flash + Steve Peregrine Took
26.03.72Bristol Colston Hall+ Trees + Matthew Ellis
{28.03.72 to 11.05.72 - projected U.S. tour, rescheduled to 03.05.72 - 20.06.72 with Poco, then cancelled. Would also have included solo dates at Washington Cellar Door, New York Bitter End and Los Angeles Troubadour}
02.04.72Manchester Free Trade Hall+ Trees + Matthew Ellis
07.04.72High Wycombe Town Hall+ Keith Christmas + Affluence
08.04.72Bromley Technical College[benefit gig to replace 13.02.72, + films + Daddy Stovepipe, 50p]
09.04.72Kenilworth Chesford Grange
13.04.72Oxford Town Hall + Skin Alley [rescheduled from 21.02.72]
14.04.72Northampton Guildhall
24.04.72Chelmsford Civic Hall+ Fruupp [rescheduled from 13.03.72]
29.04.72Glasgow University
30.04.72Edinburgh Caley Picture House+ Iron Claw
{06.05.72Dagenham Village Roundhouse[charity show - BJH billed but didn't appear]}
{07.05.72London Alexandra PalaceCurved Air etc. [BJH didn't play because concert overran]}
02.06.72London Kings Cross CinemaWith orchestra + Michael Chapman, £1.00, midnight to 6 a.m.
{01.07.72 to 26.07.72 - projected German tour, cancelled.}
21.07.72London Tower Of London "Music In The Moat"With orchestra
28.07.72Frauenfeld Casino, Switzerland
29.07.72Zürich Reithalle Generallee, Switzerland
02.08.72Torquay Town Hall, Marquay Club
03.08.72Plymouth Guildhall+ Nektar, Michael Chapman, 60p
05.08.72Southampton Guildhall+ Nektar
06.08.72High Wycombe Chiltern Room+ Keith Christmas
13.08.72Croydon Fairfield Halls+ Camel; £1.00, 75p, 50p
South African Tour (supported by Gary Farr):
20.09.72Cape Town City HallWith Cape Town Symphony Orchestra
21.09.72Stellenbosch Town HallWithout orchestra
22.09.72Cape Town City HallWith Cape Town Symphony Orchestra
23.09.72Cape Town City HallWithout orchestra
25.09.72Port Elizabeth Feather Market HallWithout orchestra
26.09.72East London Orient TheatreWithout orchestra
28.09.72Germiston City HallWithout orchestra
29.09.72Benoni City HallWithout orchestra
03.10.72Bloemfontein Bull Hall
05.10.72Pretoria City HallWith Pro Arte Orchestra
06.10.72Kemptown Park Town HallWithout orchestra
07.10.72Johannesburg City Hall[two shows at 6pm and 9pm, with Pro Arte Orchestra]
09.10.72Johannesburg City HallWith Pro Arte Orchestra
10.10.72Johannesburg Margos Rainbow Resort11am
{10.10.72Uxbridge Brunel University - cancelled}
11.10.72Durban City HallWith orchestra
12.10.72Durban City HallWith orchestra
13.10.72Pietermaritzburg University Union Hall
??.??.72Redruth Flamingo+ ELO, Babe Ruth, East Of Eden
23.10.72Shenstone College
{01.11.72Norwich Universty Of East Anglia} - cancelled?
{02.11.72Sheffield City Hall}
{03.11.72Dagenham North-East London Polytechnic}
{04.11.72Portsmouth Polytechnic}
{05.11.72Canterbury Westgate Hall} - All cancelled due Woolly's illness
{06.11.72Gloucester Leisure Centre}
{07.11.72Salford University}
{08.11.72Liverpool University}
09.11.72Liverpool University
10.11.72Manchester Free Trade HallWith orchestra + Spyrogyra
11.11.72Leeds UniversityWith orchestra
??.11.72Sheffield City Hall+ Camel; rescheduled from 02.11
??.11.72Canterbury Westgate Hall+ Camel; rescheduled from 05.11
16.11.72London Paris Theatre, Lower Regent Street [In Concert recording with orchestra, free
{16.11.72Nottingham Sherwood RoomsCancelled?}
{18.11.72Hull UniversityCancelled after demonstrations}
19.11.72Glasgow Greens Theatre+ Camel, 80p
22.11.72Newcastle City Hall??? (23.11?)
23.11.72Hanley Heavy Steam MachineWith orchestra, 75p
25.11.72Swansea College Of Education+ Spontaneous Combustion etc
27.11.72Wolverhampton Civic Hall
28.11.72Preston Public Hall
29.11.72Bradford St.George's Hall+ Camel
30.11.72Derby King's Hall+ Camel, 75p
01.12.72Bristol Colston HallWith orchestra
03.12.72London Rainbow TheatreWith orchestra + Camel + Spyrogyra
09.12.72Amsterdam Paradiso+ Sail, Willow, Mick Softly
15.12.72Ipswich Civic College Main HallChristmas dance, + Shark, tickets 80p, door £1
1972 Ipswich Civic College poster [photo: David Stanley]


LIVE SETS included:
(Overture written by Paul Buckmaster at some orchestral gigs); Summer Soldier; Medicine Man; She Said; Mocking Bird; Galadriel; Rock And Roll Woman; One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out; The Poet; After The Day; Moonwater; Crazy (Over You); Dark Now My Sky
DateTown and VenueRemarks
??.01.73BJH involved in 2 car crashes, cancel dates at Portsmouth, Worthing, Surrey University and Reading
{17.01.73Southsea South Parade Pier65p - cancelled}
{18.01.73Worthing Assembly Hall+ Ange, 75p advance, 85p on the door - cancelled}
{??.01.73Surrey University- cancelled}
{??.01.73Reading- cancelled}
26.01.73Sunderland Locarno
{27.01.73Epsom Ebbisham Hall- Postponed}
28.01.73Norwich University of East Anglia
29.01.73Chatham Central Hall
03.03.73Aylesbury Friars+ Solution, £1.00 on the door
04.03.73Croydon Fox at The Greyhound80p
05.03.73Ilford Tiffany's8 p.m.
10.03.73Slough Community Centre (02.03?)+ Shearwater, 9:30. 75p advance, 90p on the night
12.03.73Dunstable Queensway Hall+ Camel, 80p
18.03.73Plymouth Guildhall60p advance, 70p on the night
Yugoslavian Tour (23.03.73 to 29.03.73) including:
23.03.73LjubliajanaSlade + BJH
Tour with 36-piece orchestra cancelled when record company
refused financial backing:
{07.04.73Amsterdam Concertgebouw}
{08.04.73Zürich Liss}
{09.04.73Rome Olympico} - cancelled
{10.04.73Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle}
{11.04.73Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens}
{05.05.73Farnborough College Of Technology} - cancelled
09.05.73Blackpool Opera House+ Bridget St. John; £1.40, £1.00
11.05.73Bournemouth Winter Gardens
12.05.73Bristol Hippodrome
13.05.73Birmingham Town Hall [Chelmsford Chancellor Hall??]
15.05.73Malvern Winter Gardens+ The Pewke Band + Sidewinder
16.05.73Southampton Top Rank
17.05.73Bradford St.George's Hall
Bradford St.George's Hall, 17th May, 1973, courtesy Gordon Hodgson
18.05.73London Royal Festival HallWith orchestra + Bridget St. John + Pete Sayers
19.05.73Liverpool Empire
20.05.73Birmingham Hippodrome
23.05.73Manchester Free Trade Hall
25.05.73Hatfield Polytechnic Students' Union+ Bridget St.John, £1.00
26.05.73Loughborough University+ Bridget St.John
27.05.73Chelmsford Chancellor Hall
01.06.73Newcastle Mayfair + Bridget St. John (Longdancer billed but didn't appear)
{02.06.73Bridlington Spa Hall} - cancelled
02.06.73Cambridge Corn Exchange+ Jailbait
03.06.73Croydon Fairfield Halls[30-piece orch. + Terry Reid + Bridget St.John]
05.06.73Plymouth Guildhall
06.07.73Chester ABC+ Sandgate (Man billed but didn't play)
07.07.73Lincoln Drill Hall+ Greco
15.07.73White City Great Western Express Festival+ Edgar Winter Group, Kinks, Lindisfarne etc., £3.00
03.08.73London Alexandra PalaceTen Years After + BJH + Wild Turkey
12.08.73Torquay Pavilion
17.08.73Bilzen Festival, Belgium[BJH on at 01.00 a.m., + Man, Medicine Head, Spencer Davis]
21.08.73Rochdale Champness Hall+ Gryphon
??.??.73Oslo Chateau Neuf
09.11.73Uxbridge Brunel University+ Good Habit
25.11.73Plymouth Guildhall
01.12.73Manchester University Students Union
16.12.73Croydon, Fox at The Greyhound + films of Clapton, Led Zeppelin, £1.00


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