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Brother Thrush

"Brother Thrush" by Barclay James Harvest
Tabbed by Christopher Carl Heckman,
Using Seventh String's Transcribe! utility.

Usual disclaimers: You are allowed to use this file only for private study; making money off of it is strictly verboten. If the chords don't line up in whatever word processor you are using, change the whole document to Courier font (or some other equal-spaced font). And lastly: this is my interpretation of the song; no copyright infringement or toe-stepping-on is intended.

The bass seems to be a fretless; some of the bass notes are interpolated.

 Intro:  E5  | E5+C#  |  E5  |  A  E (hold 3 quarter notes)  |
                (bass: E pedal)

        E5+C#   E5                  E5+C# E5
Brother Thrush, how you fly so high,       way up in the clouds,
(E5)                   D            C#5     Bm7 D/A
The trees resound with open arms,   for one so  rare,
E       /G# /B   /E    A  E/B A
Brother Man just can't    com-   pare.

(A)        D              F#m7            G
When we're sitting on the banks of the sunshine,
(G) /A   /A   G      D              F#m7            G
We  hear your song, (sitting on the banks of the sunshine)
/G /A   /A   G     D  /E /F F#5   B7
We hear your song,          high above the living.

 Repeat INTRO, /B (on the A string) right before next verse:

E5+C#         E5                    E5+C# E5
Brother Gull, see him soar the sky,       he's so pleased to be,
(E5)           D          C#5    Bm7 D/A
Buoyant and triumphant on the raging sea,
E       /G# /B  /E A   E/B A
Backing nat-ure,   feeling free,  and

 CHORUS, then E5+9

 BRIDGE: bassline -- distance does not indicate time. Chords are
                best guesses.

  A                  F#sus4             E5
     Lov-ing  na-    ture,  rest your   head,  (nature)

   Abm              F#sus4                    E5
   Hear the   message,      man is     dead      (dead)

         Abm           F#sus4
     See the  cities   fall, while Brother Bird still --

E5+C#         E5                    E5+C# E5
Brother Lark, see him wake the day,       see him fly on by,
(E5)                  D        C#5      Bm7 D/A
Above the streets now empty to his mournful cry,
E       /G# /B /E   A      E/B A
Brother Man    just heaves a   sigh, but


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