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See Me See You

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See Me See You  (John Lees)

  D     A          G      D
Forgive me, child, I am sorry
  G               D
I can't see your face
  D     A           G      D
Forgive me, child, I am sorry
    G              A
I can't hear your name

  Bm                 G
Take me, take you, lost in other worlds
  Bm                 E
Take me, take you, crazy boy, lonely girl
 Dsus2     Dsus2/E   Dsus2/F#
Far away, far away, what d'you say?
 Dsus2/G       G
Far away, so far away
   D          (Solo  D A# C G# A# F# :*2)
Hey Jude

  D     A          G            D
I was, you were, time was when I could
  G             D
I knew you knew me
 D        A            G               D
So light your light shining and star bright
  G                       A
Through you, through me, too


Barclay James Harvest.Everyone is everybody else.1974.

Dsus2  xx0230

Chords by AMJ.
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