Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Barclay James Harvest - Sea Of Tranquility 3CD Set artwork Barclay James Harvest - Sea Of Tranquility 3CD Set
(Esoteric Recordings)

(released 26th October, 2009)


CD One:

  1. Child of the Universe (US single version)
  2. Crazy City
  3. For No One
  4. The Great 1974 Mining Disaster (original mix)
  5. Negative Earth (original mix)
  6. She Said (live)
  7. Galadriel (live)
  8. Mockingbird (live)
  9. In My Life
  10. Sweet Jesus
  11. Hymn for the Children
  12. Song for You
  13. Titles
  14. Ra
  15. May Day

CD Two:

  1. The World Goes On
  2. Rock n' Roll Star (TV playback version)
  3. Hymn
  4. Sea of Tranquillity
  5. Poor Man's Moody Blues
  6. Suicide? (live)
  7. Medicine Man (live)
  8. Jonathan (live)
  9. Berlin
  10. Fact: The Closed Shop
  11. In Search of England
  12. Sperratus
  13. The Song (They Love to Sing)
  14. Capricorn (single version)

CD Three:

  1. Nova Lepidoptera (live in Berlin 1980)
  2. Life is for Living (live in Berlin 1980)
  3. In Memory of the Martyrs
  4. Fifties Child
  5. Ring of Changes (single version)
  6. African
  7. Alone in the Night
  8. On the Wings of Love
  9. Lady Macbeth
  10. Cheap the Bullet
  11. John Lennon's Guitar (live)
  12. The Ballad of Denshaw Mill
  13. Mr. E
  14. Children of the Disappeared

3CD mini box set of BJH's Polydor material from Esoteric Recordings. The set doesn't include any previously unreleased material, but acts as a reasonably priced and more compact alternative to the deluxe box, which is now completely sold out.

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