Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Berlin - A Concert For The People CD A CONCERT FOR THE PEOPLE (BERLIN) CD (remastered)
(LP originally released 1982,
Esoteric 30th Anniversary digipack CD August 2010)


The limited remastered version features the original limited edition 11-track German mix of the album, with "Love On The Line" and "Rock 'N' Roll Lady", in the original running order, which was more like the actual running order on the day of the concert. It is a slightly different mix all the way through, too, and sounds much more "live" than the 9-track Polydor CD. This is the 30th Anniversary digipack edition, strictly limited to only 2,000 copies. Order now!

(See also the DVD release of Berlin - A Concert For The People)

Prices (including postage and packing):Limited 30th Anniversary digipack£12.00£13.50£15.00 Add to cart

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