Barclay James Harvest Album Portfolio

Barclay James Harvest Album Portfolio

Live Tapes

Live Tapes album sleeve

2LP: Polydor PODV 2001, 9th June, 1978
MC: Polydor, June 1978
2CD: Polydor 821 523-2, 3rd January, 1985
2CD: Remaster with 3 extra tracks, Eclectic ECLCD 1048, 23rd October, 2006

Side 1
Child Of The Universe (John Lees)
Rock ‘N’ Roll Star (Les Holroyd)
Poor Man’s Moody Blues (John Lees)

Side 2
Mockingbird (John Lees)
Hard Hearted Woman (Les Holroyd)
One Night (John Lees)

Side 3
Taking Me Higher (Les Holroyd)
Suicide? (John Lees)
Crazy City (Les Holroyd)
Jonathan (Les Holroyd)

Side 4
For No One (John Lees)
Polk Street Rag (John Lees)
Hymn (John Lees)

Bonus tracks on remastered CD:
The World Goes On (Les Holroyd) [previously available in box set only]
Medicine Man (John Lees) [previously unreleased]
Hymn For The Children (John Lees) [previously unreleased]

Recording Details

Recording Dates:
October 1976 and October/November 1977

Mixed at Strawberry Studios North
Mastered at Utopia Studios, London

Barclay James Harvest, assisted by David Rohl

David Rohl, Steve C. Smith, assisted by Ian Southerington


Concept by BJH, design by Jo Mirowski. Photos by Christopher B. Roberts and Martyn Goddard


Originally planned as an American-only single album of songs from the 1976 tour, with the following track-listing (not in order):-

Crazy City; Medicine Man; Rock ‘N’ Roll Star; The World Goes On; Child Of The Universe; Polk Street Rag; Mockingbird; For No One; Hymn For The Children; One Night; Jonathan; Suicide?

It was then decided to issue it in Europe as well and to include songs from the 1977 tour. “Medicine Man”, “The World Goes On” and “Hymn For The Children” were dropped from the new listing, although “Medicine Man” was issued on the Live E.P. Ironically, the album never was issued in America. The three dropped tracks were restored for Eclectic's 2006 remastered CD.

It’s not known exactly where each song was recorded, but the 1976 songs were taped at the Liverpool Empire (October 14th), Hammersmith Odeon (19th) and Croydon Fairfield Halls (24th), whilst the Gone To Earth tracks were recorded in the UK and Germany, probably in Hamburg.

The original title was Caught Live, until a fan club member, Chris Naylor, pointed out the resemblance to the Moody Blues live album Caught Live Plus Five.

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