Barclay James Harvest Album Portfolio

Barclay James Harvest Album Portfolio

Barclay James Harvest Live

Barclay James Harvest Live LP cover

2LP: Polydor 2683 052, November 1974
MC: Polydor 3523 052, November 1974
8-Track: Polydor 3870 032, November 1974
CD: Connoisseur VSOP CD 164, 8th July, 1991
CD: Remaster, Eclectic Discs, ECLCD 1028, 25th July, 2005

Side 1
Summer Soldier ( John Lees)
Medicine Man (John Lees)

Side 2
Crazy City (Les Holroyd)
After The Day (John Lees)
The Great 1974 Mining Disaster (John Lees)

Side 3
Galadriel (John Lees)
Negative Earth (Les Holroyd)
She Said (Les Holroyd)

Side 4
Paper Wings (Les Holroyd)
For No One (John Lees)
Mockingbird (John Lees)

Recording Details

Recording Dates:
Recorded on June 30th, 1974 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, and 31st August, 1974, at the Liverpool Stadium, with the Island Mobile Studio. The original intention was to record the Liverpool Stadium concert on June 29th, but the band's crew discovered a dangerous electrical problem when setting up and the gig was postponed to August.

Mixed at Island Studios, London

Rodger Bain

Brian Humphries


Designed by Vincent McEvoy & Keith Davis, photography by Alex Agor & Tim Brown


BJH’s first live album was designed to draw a line under one stage in the band’s history, being, in effect, a live “best of”. Approval had to be given by EMI to include songs like “Mockingbird”, and this was written into the deal arranged between EMI and Polydor when BJH switched labels.

The Drury Lane show was also filmed for promotional use, e.g. a slot on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test. Unfortunately, the Mellotron went haywire, ruining an otherwise excellent performance, so the Mellotron parts and a few extra vocal harmonies were re- recorded and dubbed later.

From listening to an original recording of the London show, it’s possible to say with some degree of certainty that the majority of songs are from the London show, with the Liverpool recordings being “Negative Earth”, “She Said” and, possibly, “Paper Wings”.

The album, released at a bargain price of £2.94, became BJH’s first UK chart entry, reaching #40.

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