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For No One

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For No One   (John Lees)

Intro. Solo 1 verse.


  Em                  D                C
Please lay down your pistols and your rifles
  Em                  D                Am
Please lay down your colours and your creeds
  Em                  D                C    C/B   Am   Am/G
Please lay down your thoughts of being no-one
  D/F#          C                Bm
Concentrate on what you ought to be


 Em                  D                  C
Then lay down your bullshit and your protests
  Em                 D              Am
Then lay down your governments of greed
 Em             D             C      C/B   Am  Am/G
Take a look at what lies all around you
 D/F#         C               Bm
Then pray God we can live in peace

    G          D              A              E
Everyone's a loner 'till he needs a helping hand
   G          D        A
Everyone is everybody else
   G          D                A              E
Everyone's a no-one 'till he wants to make a stand
  D                          C
God alone knows how we will survive

Verse 1 + ch.

Barclay James Harvest.Everyone is everybody else.1974.

Chords by AMJ.
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