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No. 1, April 1977







Firstly, let me say, "welcome to the Club!" I hope you’ll find that it’s been worth your while to join and I will endeavour to give the best possible service. One way in which you can help me to do this is to offer comment and criticism. I will always be pleased to receive your ideas about what you would like to see and what you don’t like.

As you can imagine, things are still in a bit of turmoil at my end, but as soon as I can put everything into order, I hope to work on the following ideas:-

a) Obtaining items for sale, such as T-Shirts, patches, posters, stickers etc.

b) I hope to carry out a series of "free draws" for any items of interest that come my way.

c) More tentatively, when tour time comes around again, it may be possible to offer a few free tickets to your local gigs, for which the recipients would also be selected on a random basis.

Anyway, remember to let me have your ideas!



I will also be able to continue to answer particular enquiries you may have about the band, which are not covered in the biography. If you do write, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope, as unfortunately, the membership fee won’t stretch to extra postage!

For those of you who are interested, I can also obtain a full list of the band’s equipment.


Before I get down to telling you what the band are up to lately, I’d like to make it clear that the information I give is as accurate as possible when it leaves me. Plans are changed often and rapidly and because I want to let you know the news before it becomes history (!), I sometimes have to work with vague plans. Of course, I will update the information whenever possible.



"I expect most of you will have heard about John’s unfortunate illness which caused the cancellation of the European Tour in December. Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear that he is now fit and well.

After Christmas there was a lull in group activity whilst songs were written for the new album.


Also at this time, Mel and Woolly spent a week at the Manor recording studios supervising the mixing of the ‘live’ album for America.

The live single "Rock ‘n’ Roll Star" backed with "Medicine Man" was released and given a fair amount of exposure on national and local radio stations, as well as "The Old Grey Whistle Test" and, (believe it or not) "Top Of The Pops". It just edged it’s way into the Top 50 at Number 49.



The next album is currently being made at Strawberry Studios in Stockport on a 24 track machine. So far, we are still working on the backing tracks which usually consist of guitar, bass and drums and occasionally, a keyboard. On some of these tracks we have done the preliminary instrument overdubs (ie: additional instruments laid on top of the basic tracks), but these are not necessarily the final additions, but are used as arrangement guides. As yet, there are only rough vocals.

The working titles of some of the tracks are:


"You’re Taking Me So Much Higher" - Les, which is a slow, electronic-sounding number.


"Sea of Tranquility" - Woolly. This is a song with a quiet beginning which goes ‘bang’ in the middle.


"Poor Man’s Moody Blues" - John, which is self-explanatory.


We still haven’t ‘discovered’ the next single amongst the songs, but it’s still early days".


In previous years, the band has worked on the alternating system of album-tour-album-tour etc., but this year they will probably change that and perhaps record another album directly after this one, although some breathing space will be necessary. Therefore, as yet I have no news of tours but will keep you informed.


That appears to be all for now. Don’t forget that your ideas and questions are always welcome. That’s what I’m here for!!!



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