Barclay James Harvest Album Portfolio

Barclay James Harvest Album Portfolio

Early Morning Onwards

Early Morning Onwards original LP cover      Early Morning Onwards reissue LP cover

LP: EMI/Starline SRS 5126, September 1972 (black sleeve)
MC: EMI/Executive TC EXE 30, April 1973
8-Track: EMI/Executive 8X EXE 30, April 1973
LP reissue: EMI/Starline SRS 5126, May 1973 (white sleeve)
CD: Brimstone BRIM 001, 25th September, 1997

Side 1
Early Morning (Barclay James Harvest)    [single A-side*]
Poor Wages (Barclay James Harvest)    [single B-side]
Brother Thrush (Barclay James Harvest)    [single A-side]
Mr. Sunshine (Barclay James Harvest)    [single B-side*]
Taking Some Time On (Barclay James Harvest)    [from LP Barclay James Harvest]
Mother Dear (Barclay James Harvest)    [from LP Barclay James Harvest]

Side 2
Mocking Bird (Barclay James Harvest)    [from LP Once Again]
Song With No Meaning (Les Holroyd)    [from LP BJH and other short stories]
I'm Over You (John Lees)    [single A-side]
Child Of Man (John Lees)    [single B-side]
After The Day (John Lees)    [from LP BJH and other short stories]


The band's first compilation album, released at a budget price of 99p and thus winning many new converts to the BJH cause. It's a collection which stands up well as an album in its own right, and still provokes nostalgia amongst many older fans. Belatedly released on CD (with the inlay designed to show either of the cover designs according to personal preference) by Brimstone in 1997.

*The versions of "Early Morning" and "Mr. Sunshine" which appear here are in "re-processed stereo", that ghastly early 70s invention by which perfectly good mono recordings were ruined with unconvincing phasing and delay effects used to create an artificial stereo mix.


The original black sleeve with lyrics on the back was striking, but the stylised script made the title very difficult to read - the white sleeve with orange lettering replaced it eight months later.

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