Barclay James Harvest

A Statement from David Walker, July 1998

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After conducting the interviews with Mel, Les and John, we spoke to David Walker, BJHís co-manager for over twenty years, and he has given us the following statement:-

Having read the interviews in NL, it is easy to detect that John and Les have a serious difference of opinion as to where Barclay James Harvest are at, or indeed which way they should go.

Neither is right or wrong, as they are both very passionate in their views. Having worked with them for many years, it became blatantly obvious to Lindsay and I that a break was essential. It is my wish that by having a break and involving themselves in solo projects, they will either enjoy solo success or come to appreciate again what it was that they gave to each other as opposed to what they didnít.

Each of them has been given the opportunity to record a solo album entitled Barclay James Harvest Through The Eyes Of John Lees or Barclay James Harvest Through The Eyes Of Les Holroyd.

John has already produced a few tracks which the record company have enthused over, and contracted him to complete an album.

Les has written some material and as soon as he is ready to make a presentation to the record company, I will arrange this.

So far as Mel is concerned, I know that John has invited him to participate, and Iím sure that if the situation arises, Les will have no hesitation in doing the same. Naturally, the final decision rests with Mel.

Iím sure that you will all appreciate that, as well as being their manager, I have been a staunch fan of Barclay James Harvest for many years, and Iím excited about this opportunity afforded to both John and Les. There is no getting away from the fact that both individually and collectively they have contributed their all to Barclay James Harvest, and it will be very interesting to see, given a free hand, in what direction they choose to go.

David Walker

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