Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

EMI 5 CD box set cover TAKING SOME TIME ON: The Parlophone-Harvest Years (1968-73)
5 CD Set

(released July 18th, 2011)

Comprehensive 5CD set of all the band's material from the Parlophone and Harvest label days at a bargain price. Includes remastered versions of their four Harvest albums ("Barclay James Harvest", "Once Again", "... and other short stories" and "Baby James Harvest"), plus A and B-sides of all their singles from this period, BBC sessions, alternative versions etc.


1. Early Morning (A side)
2. Mr Sunshine (B side)
BBC Top Gear Session (1968)
(Recorded: 23rd April 1968 / Transmitted: 5th May 1968)
3. So Tomorrow
4. Eden Unobtainable
5. Eden Unobtainable (1968 version)
BBC Top Gear Session (1968)
(Recorded: 30th July 1968 / Transmitted: 4th August 1968)
6. Night
7. Pools Of Blue
8. Need You Oh So Bad
9. Small Time Town
10. Dark Now My Sky
11. Brother Thrush (A side)
12. Poor Wages (B side)
13. Mocking Bird (1970 Version)
Their First Album (1970)
Side One
14. Taking Some Time On
15. Mother Dear
16. The Sun Will Never Shine
17. When The World Was Woken


Their First Album (1970)
Side Two
1. Good Love Child
2. The Iron Maiden
3. Dark Now My Sky
4. I Can't Go On Without You
Once Again (1971)
5. She Said
6. Happy Old World
7. Song For Dying
8. Galadriel
9. Mocking Bird
10.Vanessa Simmons
11. Ball And Chain
12. Lady Loves


Once Again bonus tracks
1. Introduction - White Sails (A Seascape)
2. Too Much On Your Plate
3. Galadriel (Non-Orchestral version)
4. Happy Old World (Take one)
5. Song For Dying (Full version)
6. Mocking Bird (Extended Non-Orchestral version)
7. Dark Now My Sky (Live)
BBC Bob Harris session (1971)
(Recorded: 29th June 1971 / Transmitted: 5th July 1971)
8. Galadriel
9. She Said
10.Someone There You Know
11. Ursula (The Swansea Song)


And Other Short Stories (1971)
1. Medicine Man
2. Someone There You Know
3. Harry's Song
4. Ursula (The Swansea Song)
5. Little Lapwing
6. Song With No Meaning
7. Blue John's Blues
8. The Poet
9. After The Day
10.Brave New World (Demo)
BBC Bob Harris session
(Recorded: 15th March 1972 / Transmitted: 3rd April 1972)
11. Child Of Man
12.Medicine Man
13.I'm Over You (A side)
14.Child Of Man (B side)
15.Breathless (A side)
16.When The City Sleeps (B side)
17.Medicine Man (B side)


BBC Bob Harris session (1972)
(Transmitted: 9th October 1972) *Previously Unreleased
1. One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out
2. Delph Town Morn
3. Thank You
Baby James Harvest (1972)
4. Crazy Over (You)
5. Delph Town Morn
6. Summer Soldier
7. Thank You
8. One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out
10.Thank You (Alternate version)
11. Rock And Roll Woman (A side)
12. The Joker (B side)

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