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Barclay James Harvest Bootleg Vinyl

The resurgence in popularity of vinyl in the 21st century has seen an unexpected side effect - the return of the bootleg LP and single. First, a definition of the word bootleg: bootlegs are illegal, unauthorised releases produced without the knowledge or approval of the artist or rights owners, and frequently feature otherwise unobtainable recordings and unique artwork. These shouldn't be confused with counterfeits, equally illegal but simply copies of existing official releases, designed to fool the buyer into thinking that they are legitimate pressings. In the case of Barclay James Harvest, there are a number of LPs originating from Taiwan and South Korea which fall into the counterfeit category, being mostly poor reproductions of official LPs (see the Taiwan and South Korea discography pages on this site for more information on these).

Bootlegs are of much more interest to the diehard collector, especially when they include recordings which are not available legally, or which have not been officially made available on vinyl. This discography is included on the site for completeness and information only, and should not be taken as an endorsement of any of these releases.


10.17 Child Of The Universe

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Child Of The Universe'

A one track, one-sided 12" picture disc, possibly originating from Israel, which first appeared in October 2017. The picture is taken from the artwork for the official Spectrum/Universal 2013 double CD compilation, Child Of The Universe - The Essential Collection, but the recording on the picture disc is not the one from that release, but John's solo version of "Child Of The Universe" from his album, A Major Fancy, with a poorly edited fade out of the segue into "Kes (A Major Fancy)".

12.17 Hymn

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Hymn'

Another one track, one-sided 12" picture disc, from the same source, which came to light in December 2017. The picture is taken from an LP of Gone To Earth, and clearly shows some damage to the edges of the cut-out area of the original vinyl LP sleeve!

12.17 One Night

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'One Night'

01.18 Mocking Bird

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Mocking Bird'

Original studio version of "Mocking Bird".

02.18 Thank You

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Thank You'

03.18 Ball And Chain

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Ball and Chain'

04.18 Back To The Wall

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Back to the Wall'

05.18 Titles

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Titles'

06.18 Hold On

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Hold On'

08.18 In My Life

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'In My Life'

08.18 Berlin

12 inch bootleg picture disc of 'Berlin'


11.17    POOLS OF BLUE - BBC Sessions and Rare Early Tracks (1968 - 1972)

Pools Of Blue bootleg 2LP, front cover

Pools Of Blue bootleg 2LP, back cover

November 2017 release on the "Verne" label, a bootleg imprint probably based in France. This double vinyl LP is notable for including many of the bonus tracks from the various official remastered BJH Harvest-era CDs, plus two otherwise unavailable songs sourced from YouTube uploads of two 1968 acetates, namely "Up With The Sun" and "Senses". These songs also appear on the legendary unreleased LP made for the band's then publishers, Ardmore and Beechwood.

Side 1:

  • 1. Night 3.14
  • 2. So Tomorrow 3.27
  • 3. Eden Unobtainable 3.07
  • 4. Pools Of Blue 3.25
  • 5. Need You Oh So Bad 1.13
  • 6. Small Time Town 2.10
  • 7. Dark Now My Sky 3.39
  • 8. I Can't Go On Without You 2.14
  • 9. Up With The Sun 3.38
  • 10. Senses 2.34

  • Side 2:

  • 1. Pools Of Blue 4.48
  • 2. Mocking Bird 6.17
  • 3. Happy Old World 4.39
  • 4. Too Much On Your Plate 5.26
  • 5. Song For Dying 7.18

  • Side 3:

  • 1. Brave New World 3.56
  • 2. Mocking Bird 8.03
  • 3. She Said 8.42
  • 4. Medicine Man 7.48

  • Side 4:

  • 1. Ursula (The Swansea Song) 2.48
  • 2. Someone There You Know 3.42
  • 3. Galadriel 3.00
  • 4. Dark Now My Sky 9.29
  • 5. Child Of Man 3.28
  • 6. Moonwater 6.54

  • [See also the flexidiscs and postcard pressings of individual tracks from Poland and Russia]

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